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How to get around in Indonesian cities?

Independent travelers, like us, would say that it is cheaper and funnier using public transportation. We agree 100%, but in most Indonesian cities there is no public transportation. They just have “bemos”, little vans that run in a known itinerary, stopping in any place passengers want. That is what they call public transportation. Unfortunately, they are not so many and they do not have fixed timetable.

This is a bemo

Someone could suggest: why don´t use taxis, as Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries for tourists? This suggestion is not totally wrong. Taxis are not expensive, but much cheaper if you use one of the many app available in the country. We used Grab but Go Jek is also very popular.

Grab was our choice in Indonesia

Go Jek is also very popular

Just as an example, an usual taxi run, from Bali airport to Ubud, cost 500.000 Indonesian rupees. Using any app you will pay half price. In Yogyakarta we paid amazing 120.000 rupees from the local airport to our hotel. On the way back (using Grab) we paid only 38.000 rupees at 6 AM.

In non-tourist places, maybe it will be harder to get a car using app. It happened to us in Sukuwati. There was just one driver in the region and he canceled our 4 seats car request just after he accepted. After many attempts without succeed, we requested a 7 seats car (more expensive). For our surprise the same driver (the only around) accepted our requested as he would earn more.

In many places in Bali (mainly in Ubud) you will see signs informing that drivers are not allowed to pick customers up in the area. Drivers can just drop passengers off. It is not true. It is just a taxi drivers lobby. They want to keep their monopoly in the area. Apps work properly in any place, for both: picking up or dropping off. Apps are available on IOS or Android.

Do not believe this sign

Renting a scooter is another option available. In big cities or tourist places, like Bali, we just recommend for short routes. Heavy traffic jam and long distances will stress you and you can be involved in a traffic accident, mainly if you travel with kids like we did.

As no locals, we rented two socoters for our big family

Nobody wanna be involved in a traffic accident, but it can happen. For this reason, we recommend you buy a travel insurance before your trip. You can buy using the follow link Travel Insurance.

For small islands, like Nusa Lembongan, we highly recommend scooter rental. Prices range from 70.000 rupees to 100.000 rupees depends on place and your negotiation skills.

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Your concerns must not be just about how to get around in Indonesian cities. Your health is the most important issue in a trip and you should not forget it. Stay relaxed during the trip, click on Travel Insurance and get an online quote.

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  1. […] How to get around in Indonesian cities? […]

  2. […] Read english version here […]

  3. […] Read english version here […]

  4. […] How to get around in Indonesian cities? […]

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